Furniture Painting

Reno furniture painting

Furniture painting is quickly becoming far more popular for DIY painters. There are tons of tutorials online that provide the details needed to start painting furniture, so anyone can give it a try. It’s best to start with something inexpensive, so it won’t be ruined if you make mistakes or choose the wrong paint. If you’re unsure what to do or you’d like to avoid making mistakes and ruining your furniture, we can help.

    Reno Furniture Painting

    Almost any furniture that’s made from a solid material, not fabric, can be painted. Wood furniture that can be painted includes tables, vanities, dressers or chest of drawers, and chairs. It’s also possible to paint wardrobes and bookshelves. Metal furniture can be painted as well. This includes outdoor furniture like metal patio furniture or wrought iron patio furniture. This also includes aluminum patio furniture and benches.

    What Furniture Types Can Be Painted?

    The main types of furniture you can paint include wood, aluminum, and steel or iron. These take paint very well, and the paint will last longer. For any furniture that’s painted, the process is generally the same. You’ll need to prep the furniture, prime it, and then paint. There are, however, some differences that need to be kept in mind for different materials.

    To paint, you’ll want to bring the furniture outside if possible. This helps you avoid getting paint on the floors, rugs, or walls. Cover the ground and anything near the furniture with drop cloths to keep the area clean and free from paint. Then, you’ll want to put on personal protective equipment like masks and goggles.

    Once this is all done, you’ll need to prep the furniture to remove loose paint, rust, or anything else that’s stuck on. Cleaning the furniture is crucial, as you’ll want the smoothest surface possible to paint on. Then, you’ll need to prime the furniture so the paint will stick and won’t soak in too much. Painting can be done once you’ve primed the furniture. To provide extra protection, after painting the furniture with the number of coats needed, seal it with polyurethane.

    Furniture Painting Tips For Success

    While painting any type of furniture does require the same basic steps, there are special notes to keep in mind based on the type of furniture you want to paint. These include the following.

    Painting Wood – Before priming, sand the furniture to remove all old paint and prep the surface so the new paint can stick. It’s crucial to clean and remove the dust or sawdust from the furniture before priming and painting.

    Steel or Iron – Before painting steel or iron, make sure to remove all rust. If the furniture has been painted before, sand to remove any paint flakes that are coming off. The goal is to create a smooth surface free from rust so the paint will adhere properly.

    Aluminum – The process for aluminum is basically the same as wood or steel, but the primer required before painting is different. With aluminum, you’ll need a special, self-etching primer. Without this, the paint will not stick and will quickly start to crack and flake off.

    Professional Furniture Painters in Reno

    Painting furniture can help you give it new life, can drastically change its look to fit your style better, and can help protect it. If you’re determined to take on the project yourself, a quick Google search will get you hundreds of tutorials with pictures or video.

    If you’d like to have painted furniture, but you want to ensure you have great results or you don’t have time to fix any DIY mistakes, then hire our Reno NV Painters. We offer full-service furniture painting, including prep, paint, and cleanup. We can also provide a color consultation if you aren’t sure what color to choose. Call us for a free estimate today.

    Take out all the guesswork, and let us do everything for you! When you see how quick and easy it can be, you’ll be happy you called us!