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Best House Painters in Reno

Are you looking for a way to renew your home and give a more personal feeling? Painters Reno NV can help you create the house of your dreams with our full range of house painting services. Whether its a single room, a total interior and exterior painting overall or anything in between, painting is our specialty!

From the moment you pick up the phone and call you’ll be greeted by our friendly, personable staff who will do everything possible to ensure you get the top-shelf treatment you want and deserve. To learn more about our residential painting services, continue reading, or call us now to schedule a free estimate and consultation.

Benefits Of Painting Your House

Painting your home is one of the fastest and easiest ways to completely transform the look and feel of your property. The benefits go way beyond a simple change in color:

  • Increased Property Value/Curb Appeal: Better quality interior and exterior residential painting can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, and even help you fetch a higher sale price!
  • High quality exterior paint can help protect your house against the snowy winters and hot Nevada summers. Interior painting goes a long way towards maintaining your ceilings and walls.
  • AFFORDABILITY! If you’ve been dreaming about home renovation but you think you don’t have the budget to do anything meaningful, think again. House painting costs less than just about any other significant home improvements, and the result is sure to impress. You can’t hardly get more bang for your buck!

    Why Hire Professional Painters?

    With smartphones and the internet in almost every American home now, its never been easier to search for informational guides on practically any topic, such as how to paint your house yourself. With so many detailed guides for DIY house painting, why bother hire someone else to paint your home?

    For people who enjoy working with their hands, a small DIY painting project is no problem. Even so, a large project could be much more difficult than you realized.

    What was supposed to be a simple weekend activity might stretch on for weeks or even months if you suddenly find yourself too busy. When you hire professional painters¬†like us you can rest at ease since you’ll be getting beautiful finished results in a fraction of the time it would take for your to paint your home yourself.

    Here’s what you get when you go with the pros:

    • Discount pricing on high quality paints
    • The latest painting techniques and equipment to save you both time and money.
    • Drywall repair for any holes and cracks, big or small.
    • Thorough cleanup! We’ll take care of everything for you. You can kick back and relax while we handle all the hard work.

    Residential Painting Services in Reno

    At Painters Reno NV, we specialize in interior and exterior residential painting. With over 20 years of painting experience, we have the wisdom, skills, and equipment necessary to deliver quality results with the best prices available in Reno. We love to take the dreams and ideas of our clients and transform them into the beautiful results they deserve. When we’re done, your house will be completely upgraded from the inside out. The fact is, there’s few other home renovations that completely overhaul your property at such affordable prices the way that house painting does.

    Maybe you think house painting is an easy DIY job you could knock out in a few weekends. But the fact is, a successful house painting project need a lot more than skills with a brush. If you don’t have all the necessary tools and materials you going to end up purchasing a lot of stuff. Obviously you need buckets of paint, rollers, and brushes. But there’s so many other things you might not have like safety goggles, ladders, tape and more.

    Even if you’ve purchased all the required tools and materials you’re still not ready to get started. Before you can begin painting all surfaces must be properly prepared. Any defects like scratches, cracks, holes, and other imperfections will be highlighted with fresh paint. With high gloss paints there is simply no room for error. You’ll need level 5 smooth finish walls and ceilings to properly pull off this look.

    These days professional painters are expected to do a lot more than just slap on a few coats of color. Rotted wood, drywall damage, and broken stucco are all issues that must be taken care of first otherwise your house painting will look very sloppy and unprofessional, no matter how good you are with a brush and roller. Fortunately for you, we also do drywall repair, stucco repair, and light carpentry to address all of these issues. In fact, so much of our time is used sanding drywall, metal and wood for customers we sometimes think of ourselves more like a professional sanding company!

    When you hire us the most difficult decision you have to make is choosing what color to paint your home. If you’re not sure, let us help you with our professional color matching and expert consultation.

    We guarantee our work will last for many years to come. We take no shortcuts and only work with top-quality paints and primers from Sherwin Williams and other professional paint brands. All our brushes rollers, and tools are contractor quality. We hire the best painters who know how to skillfully use all these quality products and tools. We work hard to complete your project on time and within budget, so you won’t have to wait for weeks to get back into your home and enjoy its new makeover. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, call to schedule a free estimate with us.

    Interior And Exterior Residential Painting

    If you need interior and exterior house painting our full range of services mean you can get everything done all at once without having to hire multiple contractors. We are so good at customer satisfaction because we can help you save money in many different ways. When you choose to paint the inside and outside of your home in one project you can cut down on the time needed for us to work at your home. We can paint all parts of your home including siding, furniture, doors, decks, floors, and fences. This means you’ll save on labor costs and you’ll also have less interruption in your schedule at home. It takes time for paint to dry between coats. When you hire us for both interior and exterior house painting, we can paint the inside of your house while waiting for the outside to dry, and vice versa. As you can see, hiring us to paint the inside and outside of your home is a great way to save time and money!

    Prep For Success

    When you hire a Reno painting contractor, you must deal with a temporary disruption to your life. We know that you want us to be in and out of your way as soon as possible. In order for us to finish the job efficiently, we ask you to do a few things before we arrive, allowing us to get down to business right away. For interior painting, its important you keep any pets or children away from where we are working. For any rooms that need painting, remove everything from the walls, including grandma’s painting collection. If we’re going to paint your closet, take out everything from the closet. Remove anything from table, mantles, and shelves from the rooms we’ll be working in.

    If you still have any questions, or you’re ready to schedule you’re free estimate, give us a call now and let’s get started!