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Deck Painting Reno NV

Nothing feels better than enjoying a nice summer evening relaxing on a freshly painted deck. However, having an attractive, sturdy deck takes maintenance and one of the most important maintenance tasks is having the deck stained, painted, or resealed every two to five years. Doing this preserves and protects the wood from the elements, keeping it looking its best for years.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Deck Painter

Many homeowners try to take on painting and staining their deck themselves only to find that it is a much more arduous job than they had thought. It is easy for amateur mistakes to lead to costly damages that wind up ruining a deck rather than improving it. Instead, homeowners should consider the many benefits of hiring a professional deck painter.

Speed and Efficiency

Our exterior painters have years of experience working on a variety of deck styles and materials. They have on hand the tools needed to complete the job quickly, including pressure washing equipment, sanding equipment, and painting supplies. They can get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take the average person to take care of their own deck.

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    Cleanliness and Professionalism

    When homeowners paint their deck themselves, they often have problems with cleanliness and paint splatter. To get a professional-looking deck, hiring a decking painting company is the best way to go. We will leave your deck in pristine condition when finished with the job.


    Having expertise is the difference between a beautiful deck and a total mess. That is because expert painters have the skills, tools, and experience to turn any deck into a masterpiece. Our deck painters know how to tell if wood is rotted, which paint or stain is best from the deck, and other important factors that will affect the quality and sturdiness of your deck.


    Many decks are positioned off the second story of a house, making it necessary to use an extension ladder to access hard to reach places. Working on these ladders can be dangerous for homeowners, you don’t need to risk falling and injuring yourself. Our Professional deck painters are accustomed to working on ladders and know how to do it safely. In the unlikely event that there is an accident, we have insurance that covers any injuries.

    Deck Staining Vs Deck Painting

    Many people use deck staining and deck painting interchangeably when they are actually very different deck treatments. While staining offers homeowners a natural look and can be less expensive up front, it has some significant disadvantages that homeowners should be familiar with before choosing to stain their deck.

    While both deck stain and deck paint are prone to degradation over time, deck paint holds its color for significantly longer than deck stain. This means that homeowners will end up spending more on deck stain over several years than they would on deck paint.

    Because of its viscosity, stain is easier to apply than deck paint, but it is not as easy to maintain long term. Cleaning a painted deck is simple, as the matte finish allows homeowners to easily sweet dirt away. Additionally, pressure washing a stained deck is more likely to result in wood gouging than it would if the deck were painted.

    One thing to note is that deck stain can be painted over easily. If homeowners have stained their deck in the past and want to switch, there is no extra hassle involved. However, once a deck is painted, switching to deck stain means scraping the old paint away and sanding the wood before applying stain.

    Deck Painting Cost

    If you’re thinking about painting your deck you’re probably wondering how much its going to cost before you decide to hire anyone. The cost of deck painting can vary depending on a few key factors. These include:

    Deck Condition

    If your deck is old or has been poorly maintained, it may need more than a simple paint or stain application. If the deck is discolored it may require power sanding to get it more uniform, which may increase the price. Routine deck treatments typically only require light sanding or power washing, which will keep the price lower.

    Price of Paint or Stain

    A major factor that affects the job is how expensive the paint or stain is and how much of it is needed to complete the deck. If you’re switching from a dark paint to a lighter color, several coats are required, which means purchasing more paint. If the you’re going to have handrails and stairs treated, then that will require more stain or paint, as well.

    Deck Size

    The most obvious factor that affects the cost of painting a deck is its size. More surface area means more paint and more time to complete the job.

    Free Estimates

    If you want to overhaul your deck or just need help with general maintenance, we can help. Call us now to schedule a free estimate.