Exterior Brick Painting

Brick Painting Reno NV

Brick features on the exterior of your home  in Reno can be painted to help improve the appearance of the home, but it’s important to think about this carefully before having it done. It’s also crucial to have the job done by a professional to ensure it is done properly. If you’re thinking about having the exterior brick on your home painted, learn more about the pros and cons now.

    Exterior Brick Painting Can Improve Your Home's Appearance

    Older bricks can look faded and worn. While you should never paint over damaged brick to try to hide any issues, painting over faded or older bricks can help improve the appearance of the home. Various painting techniques can be used to get the look you want.

    Bricks are porous, so they soak up the paint when it’s applied. This means it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to restore the original look of the brick. Before having the bricks painted, make sure you want to paint the brick, and you won’t want to go back to the original brick look later.

    Painted Brick Is Easier To Clean

    Painting the bricks can seal them, which makes them a lot easier to clean. The exterior of the home can get dirty fast because of rain, mildew, algae, and other debris. When the bricks are painted, it’s easy to wash all of this off and restore the look of the home. While it is easier to clean, it may require more frequent cleaning because dirt, mildew, and other stains will be more noticeable on light colored paint.

    Brick Painting Maintenance

    Painted brick does require maintenance to keep it looking great. The brick should be repainted at least every five years to help maintain its appearance. However, as long as regular repainting is done, the brick will continue to look amazing.

    Reno Brick Painters Can Update Your Home's Look

    Painting the brick can help give it a more modern look, which can fit in well with the rest of the improvements being done to the home. It can also help brighten the exterior of the home by covering up the deeper red brick color. If you’re looking to modernize your home, painting is definitely an option to consider for any brick features on the exterior of the home.

    Improper Painting Can Cause Issues

    It is crucial to understand that improper painting can cause issues. If the painting isn’t done properly, it will simply not look good. Beyond that, it can also cause moisture issues, which could cause the bricks to become damaged. This will lead to expenses for replacing the bricks and repairing the wall. Instead, our professional painters can take care of everything to ensure it’s all is done correctly.

    Hire Painters Reno NV For Your Exterior Brick Painting

    Beyond ensuring the paint is applied properly, there are other reasons to hire a professional to handle the job. Our painters are able to paint any brick exterior and ensure the job is done right. We offer full-service painting, which includes pressure washing and clean up after the painting is done. We ensure the bricks are fully dry before painting to prevent peeling, flaking, or other damage, and can get the job done fast. We’ll make sure you love the way the brick looks once the painting is done.

    If you want a new look for the exterior of your home or you’d like to modernize the look, painting the brick features may be a good idea. However, it is necessary to consider the pros and cons before beginning and ensure you have the right professional to handle the job. We can handle the whole job, from start to finish, saving you time and frustration if the paint isn’t done right. Ready to learn more? Give us a call now for a free estimate.