Metal Siding Painting

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Aluminum Siding Painting

Homes with metal siding may need to be repainted occasionally to ensure they continue to look good or to change the color of the home for a new look. Painting metal siding, however, is different from painting wood or other materials. If your home has metal painting, you may consider hiring a pro instead of trying to do it on your help. When you’re ready for a new coat of paint, we can help.

    Steel Siding Painting

    Pre-finished metal siding has baked-on paint that is designed to be durable and last. However, eventually, it will start to wear off and need repainting. Metal siding should be painted if you have noticed chalky or powdery residue, damaged caulking, paint peeling, or rust if the metal siding is made from steel. All of these are signs the siding is no longer protected like it should be and could have further issues in the future.

    Benefits of Metal Siding Painting

    Painting does provide a number of benefits beyond refreshing the look of your home. Paint adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the siding is protected from wear and tear due to the weather in your area. This can help extend the life of the siding since it’s not as vulnerable to rain, debris, or UV rays. Plus, when metal siding is painted, it’s far less expensive than having it replaced. Painting it now can help keep it from damage, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

    Prep For Success

    Metal siding does require specific steps to ensure the paint adheres properly and looks good. To begin, the house needs to be power washed and prepped to remove and dirt, algae, and other debris. Then, vinegar is used to acid etch the aluminum siding to ensure the paint will adhere to it. If the siding is steel, the rusted areas need to be neutralized before painting can begin. After the painting work is done, the siding needs to be caulked and resealed. When painting metal siding, it’s crucial to choose the correct primer as any latex primer containing ammonia can damage the aluminum.

    We Can Do it All For You

    If you’d like a new look for your home exterior or you’ve noticed any of the above issues and want to restore the look, hiring a pro is a good idea. We know the exact steps to take to ensure the paint is applied properly and so it looks great. We have years of experience painting metal siding, and we can handle everything for you, from the prep work to the final cleanup. We’ll make sure you love the way your home looks when the painting is done.

    Does your siding need to be repainted? Or would you like a new look for your home? Our experts are available and can handle the painting for you. We’ll make sure it’s done right, so the new paint looks amazing and lasts as long as possible. Call us today for a free estimate.