Stucco Painting

Is your home’s or building’s exterior finished with stucco? If so, you are in luck – this is a durable and attractive material that can effectively protect your home against all the adverse elements that may occur. It is especially well suited to the hot dry climate of Reno, NV

However, just like other types of siding on homes, the color of the stucco may begin to fade as time passes. If this happens, you may be wondering if you can paint the stucco that is on your home. When the surface is properly prepared, which is something we can handle, and the right paint is used, you will find that painting your stucco offers an array of appealing benefits.

    Reno NV Stucco Painters

    The first step in painting stucco is to prepare the surface. This requires pressure washing the surface thoroughly. Our team will ensure the surface is cleaned of all debris, chipped paint, and grime to give the paint the best chance of adhering well to the surface. We will take extra care to not damage the delicate stucco finish during the cleaning.

    Once the surface is clean, there are a few other steps for preparation:

    • Cover everything nearby including the lawn and plants
    • Caulk all cracks in the siding
    • Address any patching or stucco repair for larger cracks and damage
    • Only then are you ready for stucco painting

    Now that you know the process, and you can feel confident that everything will be handled properly, you can learn more about the benefits of painting your home’s exterior.

    The Benefits of Painting Stucco

    Stucco is an extremely popular finish for the exterior of homes in Reno. That’s because it is low maintenance,  and it will look great for many years with minimal upkeep. It is especially well suited for the hot and dry climate of the Northern Nevada high desert. Here are some of the specific benefits offered by painting your stucco:

    Seals Out All Moisture

    Once it rains, you may begin to notice that the stucco begins to absorb water and it will become darker until it dries out again. When the stucco is painted, the material is sealed, which ensures the moisture will not penetrate it. This lets the color remain consistent, even if it is raining outside.

    Covers and Prevent Surface Stains

    You will likely see rusting and water stains running in vertical lines on the surface of your stucco. This is most commonly seen under window frames. If you paint the stucco, you can eliminate these stains. When you hire us to paint your stucco surface, you can also feel confident that it will be years before the stains reappear.

    Fills the Hairline Cracks

    Are there a lot of cracks in the stucco surface? If so, this damage is only going to get worse as time passes. If the surface isn’t painted, then you may find that chunks of stucco begin to pop out and that you must make expensive repairs. Painting your home using a higher-quality, thicker paint can help to fill up these hair line cracks naturally thanks to the paint film.

    It is crucial to fill in any larger cracks in the stucco using exterior caulk or masonry patching – stucco repair is included whenever needed with our stucco painting service.

    Stucco Painting in Reno NV

    When it comes to painting your stucco façade, there will be an array of different factors that you must consider. Make sure that you think about everything found above to see why this is a smart investment. If you are ready to get started, contact us. Our team will provide you with the professional and quality services you want and need for your home’s siding and provide the refreshed, like-new look that you want and need. Although there’s a lot to think about, when you hire us to paint your stucco exterior, the toughest choice you’ll have to make is what color to paint your home. Don’t worry, we’re also expert color consultants!

    Give us a call to schedule a free estimate and get started with a great new look for your home.