Basement Painting

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Basement Painting Reno NV

Basements can add a lot of extra space to your home, more than just much-needed storage space. To use the space, though, the basement needs to be finished. Whether you’re ready to finish the basement or you just need new paint, our finishing and painting services can help. Learn more about finishing and painting your basement before you begin.

    Basement Finishing Reno NV

    Experts can help with drywall installation, drywall finishing, and painting the entire basement. Drywall can help partition off spaces in the basement, so there’s room for a home office away from the laundry area or an area just for your home gym. Walls can be added where you prefer in the basement to create separate rooms if you’d like. Once the drywall is installed, finishing is needed to help prep it for painting. Next, you’ll pick out the paint color you want, and the whole basement can be painted.

    The Benefits of Basement Finishing and Painting

    Finishing and painting the basement can help increase the property’s square footage. When you turn the basement into a livable space, you have more room for anything you might need. If you need a home office now that you’re working from home, you can create one in the basement. If you need a playroom or somewhere to use for entertainment and relaxing, the basement is perfect.

    Choosing The Right Color For Your Basement

    Basements often don’t have enough natural light coming in. They simply don’t have the windows that the rest of the home has. However, finishing and painting the basement can help it look a lot brighter. As an added bonus, painting can help make the walls more water-resistant. With the right lighting and the perfect paint color, the basement can be far more vivid and will end up looking amazing, not like the dark, damp basements often seen in movies.

    The right color makes a huge difference in basements. That doesn’t mean there’s one color that will work for everyone. For the basement, lighter and brighter colors are better. Stick with lighter blues, yellows, reds, oranges, and more. Avoid anything dark, like bold colors, dark grays, browns, or black. The exact color depends on the mood you want to set for the basement, as some colors can impact how relaxed you feel in the basement, how hungry you might get, and more. Light blues, pinks, or purples, for instance, can help make you feel more relaxed.

    More Than Basement Wall Painting

    Painting the walls can make a huge difference in how the basement looks, but paint isn’t just for walls. Instead of concrete flooring throughout the basement, we can paint the floors for a fantastic new look. The basement stairs can be painted as well to make them easier to see or just painted with fun colors. We can even paint the ceiling. White is perfect because it helps reflect light, but you can choose any color you prefer. Lighter colors are advised for ceilings because they tend to reflect more light and help make the room brighter.

    If you’re ready to paint your basement or it needs to be finished, let our experts start working on it right away. We can help with the drywall installation and finishing along with the painting and can paint the walls, floor, ceiling and more. Once the basement is done, you’re going to love the extra livable space in the home and will end up using it frequently. Give us a call today for a free estimate so you can start planning the new look for your basement.