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The Best Cabinet Painting in Reno, NV

If you’re want to renovate your kitchen you might be thinking about installing new cabinets and counter tops, but this can be an expensive option. Fortunately, we have a much more affordable way to refresh and update your kitchen with cabinet painting. With only a few coats of paint you can dramatically upgrade your kitchen and save thousands over more costly remodeling projects. You’ll be amazed by the transformation of your kitchen or bathroom with our cabinet refinishing service. To find out more give us a call for a free estimate…

Cabinet Painting Services

Our cabinet painting services can be used to revitalize cabinets located in any room. We can paint them no matter what! Our services include:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Garage Cabinets
  • Kitchen Island Cabinets
  • Office Cabinets
  • Bedroom Cabinets
  • And More!

    kitchen painting reno

    What's The Difference Between Painting Cabinets and Refinishing Cabinets?

    At Painters Reno NV, we’re all about customer service, that’s why we’ve got multiple options for you. Some customers want cabinet painting, while others prefer cabinet refinishing. While these services are similar they are not the same thing. We’re here to help you pick the one most suitable you; however, for most customers we recommend painting rather than resurfacing.

    Painting usually requires fewer supplies and less labor, so it’ll cost less and we’ll be out of your way sooner.

    Painting is less wasteful than refinishing so it creates less waste and its easier to cleanup.

    For these reasons, if you’re pretty happy with the overall look of your cabinets now, we tend to recommend cabinet painting.

    Cabinet Painting Styles

    There’s more than one way to paint cabinets. We’ll help you choose the best method for your style at the right price too.

    Most of our customers like spray painting because of its smooth clean finish. When we’re done your cabinets will look like they were just installed today! Of course, we’ll make sure there are no mistakes or drips. With multiple coats of paint you’ll have great looking results that will last for years.

    Or we can we can hand brush the cabinets. With brush and roll painting you won’t get the same smooth finish as with spray painting, but if you’re on a tight budget you can save a little more money and still get great results for your whole room.

    Cabinet Repainting

    While most of our customers prefer a white finish for their cabinets, you can go with any color you’d like. If you’re unsure, we can help you choose the appropriate color for your room.

    Cabinet Refinishing

    Not all cabinets can be stained with a clear finish. If you want a classic natural wood appearance this might be possible with our refinishing service. Only certain cabinet surfaces can benefit from a clear finish.  If your cabinets are compatible, we’ll remove all drawers and doors, thoroughly clean the surfaces, and mask off areas not being painting . Then our interior painting crew will repair any holes or cracks in the wood. After gently sanding, we’ll finish the wood with a high quality clear coat of your choosing.

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