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The dining room is where formal dinners are enjoyed, where the whole family gets together to talk about school, work, friends, and more, and where everyone can enjoy a fantastic meal at the end of the day. Whether you use the dining room every night or occasionally, if you’re planning on having it painted, make sure you pick out the right color. It could have a bigger impact than you thought.

    Paint Your Dining Room To Create the Perfect Mood

    The right mood for the dining room is crucial because it can make the difference between everyone sitting and enjoying the meal or being in a hurry to get up and go somewhere else. The right mood in the room can make the dining more relaxing, can encourage more conversation, and can even help encourage people to eat more food or cut back on the food they’re eating, depending on their goals. The wrong mood can have the opposite effect and really impact the enjoyment of a family meal.

    The Effects of Color on Mood and Appetite

    Color can have an impact on mood and appetite, which is crucial to consider for dining rooms. Colors like red and yellow stimulate senses and help to increase appetite, which encourages people to stay in the dining room longer, can help them enjoy the food more, and sets the perfect mood for dining. Other colors like blue are appetite suppressants, so they can make people eat less. The main reason behind this, according to studies, is because some colors are naturally found in foods, while others are not found as often. The colors naturally found in foods more frequently encourage people to be hungry and want to eat.

    Recommended Colors for Dining Rooms

    The colors recommended for dining rooms include red, orange, and yellow. These are colors that are commonly found in fresh food and can help promote a hungry mood. Red can help promote social interaction, orange can promote alertness and coziness, and yellow helps to promote happiness, which can encourage people to eat better foods. The colors used don’t need to be vibrant, even if they’re one of these colors. Deep reds or muted yellows will tend to have the same impact if you’re looking for something that’s a little more subdued. After painting, use décor throughout the room like fresh flowers to enhance the impact.

    Colors to Avoid

    Some colors, like brown, grey, and blue, are not recommended for dining rooms. They tend to have the opposite impact as the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. Deep grey or dark brown are associated with dirt and grime, so they can lead those in the dining room feeling like they don’t want to eat. Blue also falls under this category as it is a natural appetite suppressant. Some people may want to incorporate blue if they are trying to lose weight, but it’s best to avoid painting it on all the walls as it will have an impact on the mood of everyone eating in the dining room, even if they aren’t planning to diet.

    Dining Room Painters in Reno NV

    If you’re planning on painting your dining room, our professional painters can ensure you choose the perfect color, and the whole paint job is done correctly. Let us help you with the decision on what color to use as well as to handle the painting, so you don’t have to do it on your own. We can paint a single focus wall in your dining room or paint the whole room in the color you choose. If you’re ready to create the perfect mood for your dining room, call us now for a free estimate.