Hallway Painting

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Don't Forget to Paint the Hallway -- Experiment With Creative Designs

Hallways are often bland. They may include photos on the walls, or the walls might just be bare. Often, hallways are darker areas in your home interior, and not much attention is paid to them. Yet, a hallway is a perfect pallet to get a little more creative with paint or to try something new. If you’re thinking about painting your hallway, work with our experts to ensure it looks amazing.

    Hallway Painting Reno NV

    Hallways are often builder-grade grays or beiges, and they’re not really thought about much when someone wants to add color to their home. Despite being a heavy traffic area, hallways are neglected, since occupants usually walk down the hallway and don’t spend a lot of time in it. Yet, hallways are a great place to experiment with bolder designs, and the perfect paint job can really make a difference in how the space looks. Consider some stunning design ideas if you’re planning on painting the hallway.

    Hallway Painting Ideas

    Hallways don’t have to be just one color. They can include designs that look fantastic and can be a great way for you to try out a design you’re considering elsewhere in the home. Consider some of these designs for your hallway.

    • Two-Tone Painting – Think about using two complementary colors for the walls. The bottom half can be one color, with the top half another color, or the two colors can be added in unique designs like zebra stripes or swirls.
    • Horizontal Stripes – Horizontal stripes can make the hallway look longer, giving the illusion of more space. They’re also a great way to use two or more colors in the hallway and to try out a bolder pattern. The lines don’t have to be straight, either, creating a unique look.
    • Vertical Stripes – Vertical stripes can make the space look taller, which can help with a smaller hallway. Like horizontal stripes, the lines don’t have to be straight, and it is possible to use a variety of colors and thicknesses for the different lines.
    • Create an Accent Wall – Painting one side a more vivid color can create an accent wall. Hang photos, paintings, or mirrors on this wall to really make them stand out.
    Make the Hallway Look Bigger

    If the hallway is smaller, there are different tips that can help make it look bigger. A darker ceiling can be used to create the illusion of more height, and mirrors hung strategically can make the hallway look a lot bigger. Combined with one of the above design ideas, the hallway can become a space to show off.

    Most people don’t pay much attention to their hallways, but they’re a great place to try out some design ideas you may have in mind or to showcase family photos, paintings, and other artwork. If you’re ready to paint the hallway, our expert house painters in Reno NV are available to help. Call us today for a free estimate to paint your hallway any way you want.