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Moving into a new space can be stressful and exciting in equal measure. One of the best ways to personalize your space is a change in wall color. While DIY painting might seem like it’ll save a few bucks, there are so many more benefits to hiring a professional. Read on to discover factors you may not have considered when weighing your options.



    Reno NV Wall Painters

    It’s important to understand that interior painting involves much more than just selecting a color and slapping it on the wall. It is worth investing in a professional painting service because your job will be handled from start to finish.

    The structure and state of the wall must be considered before beginning work if you would like your paint job to last. If the wall is dirty or rough in texture, sanding is a necessary step to ensure that the paint goes on smoothly. Our professional painters are trained in drywall repair. Holes and imperfections can be filled and sanded down, and you won’t be able to tell there was ever an issue.

    Adding one to two coats of primer is an important step because its glue-like base gives something for the paint to adhere to. Primer also hides stains that paint may not be able to cover. After it’s dried, at least two coats of paint should be applied.

    There are so many steps that must be taken before painting, and skipping any of them could cause the paint on your interior walls to look sloppy and even start to peel. our experienced wall painters in Reno, NV offer experience that will give you peace of mind.


    Interior Wall Painting

    Different paints are used for different purposes. Save hours of research into what paint types are best for different surfaces. Don’t worry about deciding what finish is best for what room. Our professionals can take the technical guesswork off of your shoulders because they understand how to select paint with the right compounds for your job.

    Our painters also expose customers to all of their creative options. Service packages can include trim painting and detail work. There is plenty of room for customization. Just because someone else is doing the labor doesn’t mean that you don’t get to make all of the creative decisions. We’ll just help you understand your options.

    Simply put, we can provide you with a customized, smooth finish that will last.

    Wall Painting Cost

    There is no doubt that interior paint is pretty expensive. However, if you are concerned about the cost to paint your walls you should know that hiring our Reno interior wall painters won’t add that much to your budget. Several factors can affect the cost of a professional wall painting service, and we’ll go over them here.

    The size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the price of the paint you select are obvious factors that would affect the cost of your service. However, if a lot of repair work, treatments, or preparation needs to happen before painting can begin this will also factor into the cost.

    Does the room you are decorating already have a dark color of paint? It will take more layers of paint to cover up a dark color, and that will add to your labor and supply costs.

    When creating your budget, you should consider all of the money you are saving in equipment. If you were to do the painting yourself, you’d need a ladder, a sander, a drop cloth, painting rollers, detail brushes, trays, tape, spackle, and plaster.

    You’d also likely be spending on convenience items like large buckets for dirty rollers and brushes, smocks to protect your clothing, and sanding sticks to save time. Goggles and face masks will protect your eyes and lungs from dust and chemicals. When you consider everything that you would purchase, a DIY project budget starts to add up.

    Each situation is different, but one thing is certain. Hiring a professional takes away all of the guesswork.

    The Best Wall Painters in Reno NV

    Painting rooms yourself requires a lot of investment in tools and supplies and a lot of time, too. Any shortcuts or missed steps in the painting process could cause the paint to peel or appear rough and unfinished.

    Give yourself some peace of mind. If you truly weigh all of your options, you’ll see that hiring help will save money. We can guarantee a professional, clean finish that will last for years and years. 

    What have you got to lose? Call us for a free quote today.